The Real Estate Course

that will


Learn the fundamentals of real estate

We will instruct you in the real estate principles of analyzing a deal and appraising its worth.

The classes are given in an easy-to-follow approach, with clear, refreshing instruction and lively real-life examples. Papers and pamphlets are distributed weekly in English and Yiddish. Students are provided with a hotline to relisten, or review a class they’ve missed. We also provide an English-Yiddish dictionary with over 450 translations of real estate jargon. The course is designed to give the heimishe tzibbur a very informative education about investing in real estate. It is a wealth of information and accumulated knowledge that is condensed into a very manageable number of classes. Specifically geared to the heimish mindset, the presentations are unique and easy to understand.


All courses are inclusive of both online and real-time lessons. Our online course allows you to view the professionally recorded course video, in either English or Yiddish. You can rewatch it any time from the comfort of your home or office.


By enrolling in the online course, you can choose to join a live course in the future at no additional fee. The fee is the same, if you choose to attend or not. By enrolling to the online course, you will also receive the printed materials, as well as our 450 word dictionary of real estate terms necessary to succeed.

This course will provide a professional curriculum.

 Over a period of seven weeks, we will examine the following topics in depth.

Residential & Commercial Property

General real estate terminologies one MUST know: i.e. noi, cap-rate, vacancy / occupancy rates, loi, 80/20 after 8, due diligence, cam, etc.

Real Estate Financing

The different classes of real estate: residential, multi family, commercial – office/retail, rehab.

The art of negotiation

How do you select a market & an investment level suited for you? How should you evaluate the value of the deal? How will you determine the caprate?

Closing the deal

How to deal and work with brokers, and details for structuring deals with investors

Property Management

Detailed discussions on the ins and outs of managing your properties.

Due Diligence

What is the due diligence process? What should you look for?

Leveraging & Underwriting Loans

How does funding work? Discuss short term vs long term vs interest only.

Excel Spreadsheets

Learn how Excel can help you evaluate properties with the necessary information.

Bringing It All Together

Real-life examples and case studies to apply towards each topic of study.


BInyomin Taub
BInyomin Taub
03:07 27 Nov 19
i really got the fundamentals of multi family and commercial RE from this course, Mr Gotlieb keep it up!
Nathan Feuer
Nathan Feuer
19:56 24 Nov 19
Thanks much for giving great real estate education to the community, I recently sold a few properties to your students and they are very happy with the education you more
308 Rosemarie Dr
308 Rosemarie Dr
12:33 04 Oct 19
I couldent be happier! I got the $300 rebate too! I passed the testsimply amazingI tell you to do it, dont push it off, I am so happyread more
Yanky Samet
Yanky Samet
20:15 04 Sep 19
Its a great course, I highly recommend it to anyone who is considering taking it.They offer great teacher and mentors as well as the classes and the material that is learnt is very relevant.The way the classes are spread out is great.It is also a great platform to network and meet other people in the more
Nathan Taub
Nathan Taub
02:22 04 Sep 19
I would give more stars if possible.This course is highly recommended for anyone in the RE industry,As a beginner it gave me a very high level in knowledge, now i do RE as an more
Yanky Unger
Yanky Unger
20:04 03 Sep 19
I always wanted to take a step in, in to the big Real Estate world, but I never found a chance to do it, until I heard about NY real estate.I had a great experience there, with a great amount of information and experience that was put together by R' Aron in such a simple and understandable way that I would rate this course as a great start or even to improve your knowledge in the industry.On a side note the course was given with all the equipment to take home the most information possible, with weekly recordings and audios from the previous course so you can go over everything and keep your mind fresh with all the more
02:40 03 Sep 19
I attended this course after being in this industry, working in management for over 3 years. I gained from this course a lot of knowledge in many domains of the real estate industry, it gave me a broad understanding in the whole real estate field.R' Aron has put in an enormous amount of effort and information in these courses and delivers the courses in a very fun and interesting way, professional and more
shmiel Steinberg
shmiel Steinberg
23:44 29 Jul 19
I recently purchased the course. It is clear, comprehensive, and beautifully done. I can see that a tremendous amount of effort was put into the course, and I think this is a really worthwhile investment for anyone that wants to enter the real estate more
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  • This course gives a comprehensive overview of the industry. I was inspired by the energy and dedication of Mr. Gottlieb. His focus is to provide all the tools for success. It was well worth every penny.

  • This course gives a comprehensive overview of the industry. I was inspired by the energy and dedication of Mr. Gottlieb. His focus is to provide all the tools for success. It was well worth every penny.

  • I wish I could’ve taken this course 3 years ago when I starting in real estate! I wouldn't have lost money on deals… BH, I took it now – Thanks a million Aron! It's geshmak, liebidik ; easy to understand. I looked forward to it every single Sunday!”

    Yaakov Horowitz
  • Although I’ve done other hishtadlus to get my feet wet, nothing compared to the course from Lazer Aron. It is unbelievable how I met some of my friends that are already active players at the course, they told me how the course was very helpful, and enjoyable.

    Isaac Grossman Loan Consultant
  • I very much enjoyed the classes. It was a pleasure to be able to participate fully. The screen presentation helped with processing the new terms. The Yiddish translation was a wonderful aid and serves as a great review tool. I acquired an abundance of knowledge, as well as advice on how to invest, and from which deals to keep a healthy distance. I’m presently in the process of studying for my real estate license, and your lessons are the reason for my success in school as I’m familiar with much of the subject matter.The class on halacha was extremely important, especially the topic of “ribis.” Rabbi Stein’s shiur was very interesting. But above all, your friendliness and patience are amazing, but is surpassed by your willingness to remain in contact to guide and advise,even after the classes had ended. Thank you!

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