Online / DVD Course

All courses are inclusive of both online and real-time lessons. Our online course allows you to view the professionally recorded course video, in either English or Yiddish. You can rewatch it any time from the comfort of your home or office.

Live Course

By enrolling in the online course, you can choose to join a live course in the future at no additional fee. The fee is the same, if you choose to attend or not. By enrolling to the online course, you will also receive the printed materials, as well as our 450 word dictionary of real estate terms necessary to succeed.

City Location Time  Start Date
Monsey (Yiddish) Pupa Hall @ 15 Widman Ct Spring Valley

Sunday Evening

Wednesday Evening

November 2019
Boro Park (English) Sfardishe Shul @ 45th St & 14th Ave

Sunday Afternoon

Thursday Evening

November 2019
Lakewood To Be Announced

Sunday Evening

Wednesday Evening

March 15, 2020

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2017 Course Highlights


2016 Course Highlights

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