Frequently Asked Questions


You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers!

1. Where and when is the course?

A. We have the course available online as well as on DVD that you can view anytime.

B. We have live classes in the fall

2. If I buy a DVD or online may I still attend the live class?


3. Is the course in Yiddish or English?

Course is given live in Yiddish in Monsey & in English in Boro Park. All materials are distributed in both English and Yiddish. We try to translate and define as many English terminologies as possible into Yiddish.

4. Is this course to become a licensed broker?

No. This course is designed to teach how to to succeed in the real estate market.

5. What will I receive when I join the course?

You will immediately receive access to the course online. We can mail you DVD of the course in either English or Yiddish. You’ll also receive a book with our exclusive dictionary….. As stated

You’ll receive audio cd’s of the course. All audio is emailed to you for your review.

We also have a hotline to listen over the phone.

6. What happens if I miss a week?

The course is always recorded; you can listen in and have the materials emailed to you.

We also email you the class & it’s also available on our hotline

7. I am already working in the real estate field, should I still join?

Absolutely. The best investment you can make is to further educate yourself & grow in the field.

Please read our Google reviews

8. Do I need any previous real estate knowledge?

Not at all. This course is geared for all levels. We have had lawyers, accountants, brokers, RE Management, investors & beginners. Everyone felt they benefited.

9. What areas does the course cover?

The course will give you a broad understanding of how real estate works & how to understand the risks & rewards of this “page” industry.

We also cover syndication, due diligence, negotiations, Management etc…

10. What is the halachah shiur about?

The shiur covers issues regarding ribbisshabbos, and general partnership issues – this is a bonus we feel is important to provide the tzibur.

11. Do you have any previous students?

Yes. We have over 500 satisfied students that have either attended our class or taken the course at home. Or both.

See our google reviews »

12. What methods of payment are accepted?

We accept checks, Chase, Quickpay or Credit Card.

13. Can I return the CD?

We offer a 14 days full money back minus shipping
Must return in new condition
May not download or copy in any format

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